The Next Generation
of Service Delivery

Do More With Intelligent Automation

At Zinier, we help you stay ahead of the curve with intelligent field service automation that goes a step beyond scheduling and asset management. Imagine an AI-powered platform that is always learning and looking for ways to drive operational efficiency. Or dynamic workflows that are automatically triggered by historical data, not the back office.

All of this is possible with Zinier today, helping you drive productivity and prepare for the future of field service.

Turn Insights Into Action

Slice and dice data however you need to gain real-time visibility into the field and power more effective automation.

Drive Back Office Efficiency

Increase productivity and deliver ‘just in time’ field service with AI-powered scheduling and asset management

Empower Your Field Force

Free technicians to visit more sites by automating routine tasks, from work order creation to closeout packages.

Streamline Your Operations

Deliver better service by letting your back-office coordinators and field teams focus on tasks that require a human touch.

Harness the Power of the IoT

By looking at historical data, Zinier can flag potential problems before they occur — helping you avoid costly repairs, increase equipment uptime, and deliver better customer experiences. And once an issue is identified, on-demand field service work can be triaged and scheduled by artificial intelligence.

Supercharge Your Entire Organization

Tired of playing scheduling tetris or waiting for reports from the field? Our intelligent field service automation platform transforms every aspect of your business, increasing visibility and helping you work more efficiently.