The Next Wave of Field Service

Start by digitizing your operations. Then go to the next level with automation and intelligence.

Take the guesswork out of scheduling and dispatching with our intelligent technician match, which factors in skills, certifications, or other criteria.

Automate mundane tasks and create interactive, step-by-step workflows to make your back office and field force teams more productive.

Put the power of customer data and dynamic, interactive guides in the hands of your field force with the Zinier native mobile apps.

Get the visibility you need to make smart, impactful decisions with real-time work order statuses and up-to-the-second performance dashboards.

Work smarter with deep visibility into the field

Get real-time work verification by zooming in on performance at the site and technician level
Identify pain points, pinpoint where issues emerge, and learn how to make meaningful improvements
Take informed action with detailed reporting and role-based dashboards fueled by the metrics you care about most
Scale effectively with real-time visibility into third-party vendor activity, ensuring consistently excellent service organization-wide

Ensure consistently perfect service from all technicians

Step-by-step mobile workflows guide technicians through tasks to standardize quality of work for common processes like installs and removals
Create, test, and optimize workflows and deploy updates in minutes, not months
Increase field force efficiency with an intuitive mobile app containing easy-to-follow instructions and detailed job site information
Cut training costs for new hires and outsourced partners by making everyone an expert from the beginning

Put daily tasks on auto-pilot and get more done

Use Zinier’s intelligent scheduling and dispatching to optimize work allocation and completion accuracy
Zinier finds every opportunity for devices to service themselves, ensuring technicians are only doing the jobs that algorithms can’t
Deliver predictive maintenance by triggering automatic process execution when an emerging issue is detected
Automate processes like work order creation and data entry to accelerate issue resolution

A scalable, enterprise-grade solution

Zinier was designed with the complex needs of large enterprises in mind. Our platform is built on a secure technology stack, with granular user access control for extra security. Connect critical systems to Zinier to surface relevant data to your coordinators and field force, using our APIs and integrations. Optimize each configuration and workflow with intuitive test and deploy tools.