Field Force Optimization

Complete more tasks and deliver higher quality services in less time

Zinier’s powerful AI technology lets you unleash the full potential of your field service team by automating back office tasks, matching work to the right people, and ensuring technicians are equipped with all the parts and information they need to satisfy more customers in fewer visits.

Simplify work at scale

Zinier finds every opportunity to make your devices service themselves, ensuring coordinators spend time on the strategic aspects of their job. Our platform automates processes like work order creation and data entry, accelerating task completion and eliminating the risk of human error. Smoother, quicker issue resolution makes both technicians and customers happier.

Deliver excellent service with the tap of a button

Zinier’s mobile platform makes sure everyone has all the information they need, whenever they need it. Capture photos, close out work orders, and generate invoices from one mobile app. Streamline onboarding and training with guided mobile workflows for installations, repairs, and routine maintenance to make sure every technician delivers expert service from Day 1.

Increase first-time fix rates

Zinier intelligently schedules and dispatches technicians based on skills, inventory, proximity, and other criteria. To ensure technicians are always equipped with the right parts, Zinier predicts the parts needed for the job, and tracks what inventory each technician has on-hand. Reduce truck roll-outs and improve customer experience by getting more jobs done in one visit.

Conserve resources with predictive maintenance

Optimize your technicians’ time by letting Zinier trigger process automations when signs of a problem arise. Whether this means remotely turning on a device’s fan to prevent overheating or automatically creating a work order to replace a fuse based on historical data, Zinier helps you maximize equipment uptime and minimize site visits.

Solve problems before they occur

Zinier knows each device’s past, present, and future: the platform draws on rich historical data to flag potential problems at the first sign of trouble. When an emerging issue is indicated, Zinier jumps in and sends a mobile workflow to the most qualified technician. No more wasting time tracking down the source of a malfunction – Zinier makes sure nothing went wrong in the first place.