Service Insights

Get deep visibility into what’s happening in the field and learn where to improve

Supercharge your field service operations from every angle with deep insights into your field force, back office, and third-party vendors. Zinier gives you real-time visibility into job completion accuracy so you can discover areas in need of improvement. Access the metrics you care about most with detailed reporting, and identify performance trends as they emerge so you’re always one step ahead.

Real-time work verification at every level

Monitor overall performance of service teams and equipment, then drill down to each individual site and technician to complete the picture. Discover if jobs are being completed accurately — and if not, identify the source of the problem.

Learn what’s working and what’s not

With thousands of moving people and parts, it’s difficult to pinpoint where issues emerge and what actions will impact your metrics most. With Zinier, all stakeholders have a clear view of activity across your entire field service organization so you can eliminate guesswork and clearly identify pain points.

Make confident, data-driven decisions

Zinier intelligently schedules and dispatches technicians based on skills, inventory, proximity, and other criteria. To ensure technicians are always equipped with the right parts, Zinier predicts the parts needed for the job, and tracks what inventory each technician has on-hand. Reduce truck roll-outs and improve customer experience by getting more jobs done in one visit.

Scale successfully with better vendor management

Ensure consistently outstanding service organization-wide with real-time visibility into third party vendor activity. With visibility into KPIs for each outsourced partner, you can improve forecast accuracy, technician efficiency, quality of work and customer experience.

The power of an analytics team

Zinier sends the right notifications to the right people instantly based on your own custom rules. Stay in the know with alerts for critical metrics and themes surfacing from workforce activity. Keep all teams aligned and efficient with supervisor approvals, work order status updates, and more.